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A partial list of recently completed projects and publications.

Payer research for a new adult vaccine

March 2023
Global Vaccines Client

Clinical data review in Parkinson’s Disease

November 2022
European Pharmaceutical Client

Myelofibrosis payer expectations

October 2022
Global pharmaceutical client

Neuromuscular P&MA strategy

July 2022
European pharmaceutical client


Prostate cancer payer research

South Korea
November 2021
US biotechnology company

Covid-19 vaccine payer research

Mexico & Japan
March 2021
Global Vaccines Client

Evidence requirements in a progressive degenerative disease

Argentina and Brazil
Global pharmaceutical client
January 2019

Payer and Medical Opinion Leader Research in a respiratory disease

Argentina, Brazil and Colombia
Global pharmaceutical client
June-September 2018

Payer summit and negotiation simulation for a respiratory product

Mexico City
Global pharmaceutical client
April 2018

Oncology panel discussion for innovative market access

Brazil and Mexico
Global pharmaceutical client
March 2018

PrEP and non-traditional stakeholders

November 2020
US pharmaceutical client

GLP-1 Diabetes & Obesity Payer Survey

Japan, Brazil & Mexico
September 2020
Global Pharmaceutical Client

Latin America Payer Negotiation Summit

Novel respiratory asset onsite meeting
Miami, USA
November 2018

Pricing strategy for an orphan drug

November 2017
US biotechnology company

Market access for a gene therapy in Brazil

Leading US biotechnology company
August 2016

Payer value message testing in a large tumour type

US pharmaceutical company
April 2016

Pan-Asian metabolic disorders portfolio review

European pharmaceutical company
Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam
February 2016

Payer roundtable and payer toolkit development meeting

Orphan drug manufacturer
Bogotá, Colombia
November 2015


The following is a list of recent publications authored by Ben Shankland, Director, Altarnum Consulting.

Orphan Drug Access and Pricing for Emerging Markets

Datamonitor Healthcare, February 2018 A review of market access requirements, policy and practice for orphan drugs in BRICMT and other markets, with insights from local payers.

Available for purchase

Pharma-Payer Partnerships in Emerging Markets

Datamonitor Healthcare, August 2017 Market access partnerships in developing and emerging markets, with real-world case studies and insights from local payers and experts

Available for purchase

Biosimilars in Emerging Markets

FirstWord Dossier, March 2017 Policy, market access and regulation of biosimilars in emerging markets, a $5 billion opportunity.

Available for purchase

Orphan Drug Commercialisation and Market Access in Emerging Markets

FirstWord Dossier Published July 2016 Market access requirements and strategic trends for orphan drugs in BRICMT and other dynamic emerging markets.

Available for purchase

Oncology Market Access in Latin America

Datamonitor Healthcare Published December 2016 Oncology market access requirements, pricing policy and stakeholders’ evidence needs in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Compiled from payer interviews and in-depth secondary research in the local languages.

Available for purchase

Vaccines Market Access in Emerging Markets

Datamonitor Healthcare, August 2019 Vaccines in emerging markets, a $24 billion opportunity

Available for purchase

Specialising in emerging markets, our mission is Connecting healthcare companies and decision makers for emerging markets.



Latest Assignments

KOL expectations for a novel cancer therapy
Global Pharmaceutical Client

Payer research in a vaccine for Japan and emerging markets in Latin America
Global Pharmaceutical Client

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